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In lunch, we have everyday special called "Higawari Lunch". Khanapina serving you for free refills of nan in Higawari lunch.
nan_en.gif is tabehoudai_en.gif

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  • Khanapina's Special Fixed Lunch.
    Tuesday is Butter Chicken Curry
    Wednesday is Spinach Chicken Curry
    Friday is Prawn Butter Masala Curry
  • We serve varities of curry in other days of week.

Your favourite curry、Rice or Nan、Salad、Drink。
Daily Lunch is yet served with one more item!

★Higashi Nihombashi/Higashi Ueno………………………900円
★Sea Fort Square…950円

Lunch B set Thumb.JPG
Chicken Curry Lunch 850円
Mutton Curry Lunch 850円
Mix Vegetable Lunch 800円
Keema Curry Lunch 850円
Sea Food Lunch 900円
Ladies Set 980円
Salad and drink are set in Lunch.